Preaching The Blues
formerly known as "Goodbye Jeffrey Lee"
dedicated to the memory of Jeffrey Lee Pierce (1958-1996) and his work
The Magnix Archive of The Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce Live Recordings
(formerly known as The Gun Club Bootlegs & Tape/CD-R Trading Page)
by Ger Potze


These pages hold a chronological list of my personal archive/collection of live recordings by The Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce, also including details about official, semi-official and unofficial releases that include live recordings. Although I will try to add bits and pieces when I get them, updates will appear very very infrequent. This is a hobby, not a job!

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October 2012 - Welcome Back

Back in March 1998 I started working on "Goodbye Jeffrey Lee", my personal archive of information about a lot of things concerning The Gun Club and the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce. At that time there's wasn't a real good, complete and up-to-date Gun Club website available on the internet. Pretty soon after publishing my website I got in touch with various fans and even an occasional ex-bandmember. Interest in The Gun Club on the internet started to build up; an old Gun Club website was reanimated, a third, France based, website started, and a mailinglist was set up as well (followed by a second one pretty soon).

Through the years, and with the help of a lot of people around the globe, my website grew into a complete as possible source of all things related to the music and releases of The Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce. I had a lot of fun maintaining the site and got in touch with a lot of interesting and nice people. But as all good and bad things in life, things change, they always do!(?) After 4-5 years other (again good and bad) things came in the way, and time got very limited to keep things up-to-date in a way I wanted to. After giving it all a good thought, I decided to close the site and just leave it online as it was at the time in October 2003 (nine years ago, how time flies ...).

There was a one-time only return in July 2004, marking the announced (re)release of the albums "Miami", "The Las Vegas Story", and the EP "Death Party", which all had been out of print for many many years! These titles finally were issued in October 2004 by Sympathy For The Record Industry, and they did an excellent job! Following those releases there have been many more rereleases of Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce material. And there's still more being (re)issued ... Finally Jeffrey Lee Pierce seems to get (some of) the attention and acknowledgement he deserves!

Through the years I haven't stopped collecting The Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce music. Except for official and not-so-official releases, I also continued to search for live recordings. Although things have changed from trading/swapping tapes and later CDRs amongst fellow collectors to various sorts of downloads, it's still the music that matters! After all these years I finally found and took the time to sort out my collection of Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce live recordings. And since I figured I might as well continue to share the info I kept on gathering and compiling, I created this site.

Although a reply may take ages, or might even never come, it is really appreciated if you send any corrections or additional information by . Thank you! And who knows, I might even publish an updated version of the discography pages someday ...

Disclaimer: These recordings are not for sale from this site! Except official, and semi-official releases, these are only swapped amongst collectors.

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