The Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sounds

Created by Ger Potze, May 9, 1999.
Closed: November 25, 1999

On this page I used to have some Gun Club or Jeffrey Lee Pierce (related) tracks in MP3 format available for downloading, and off-line listening pleasure. Because of limited time to keep this page updated I had to close it.

But don't worry, this page will be continued at another location, including the MP3's I had listed here.
Thanks to jES they are now available on his soundspage at "Port of Souls"!

Meanwhile, Hellione also put a couple of sounds (RealAudio) on-line at her
"Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce" site.


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Created: May 9, 1999
Closed: November 25, 1999 by Ger Potze.