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Goodbye Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey Lee Pierce (1958-1996)

The Gun Club

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Created by Ger Potze, March-August 1998.
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As noted before, due to personal (happy) circumstances this site has only been slightly updated throughout the past year.
I hoped to add more the upcoming months, but time provides otherwise. Therefore I have decided to close the site until further
notice. It will not disappear (I pay for this webspace), but the information here is frozen as it is as I write this notification.

Somewhere in the future I hope to continue maintaining it as I used to do, and who knows I might even get up-to-date with it all again!?

Also, if you have sent me an email through the past year (or just before), and you haven't gotten a reply, be sure that it's received
and appreciated, and I will do my best to answer each and everyone of you personally. Just have some patience please.

As long as this website is being closed I also deleted the links to my email.
If you still want to leave a note or just say hi, I have opened a guestbook ...

Thank you,

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August 2003

During the past months new CD-versions of the "Miami" and "The Las Vegas Story" albums,
including bonustracks, have been offered for sale
(especially "Miami" has been heavily sold on eBay).
PLEASE NOTE that these releases are BOOTLEGS!!

Maybe the company or person who owns the rights of these albums will finally become aware of
the importance of rereleasing these CD's!?!

March 2003

In the near future,
Spanish El Beasto Recordings
plan to release a Gun Club tribute double vinyl album
"Walking With The Beasto",
featuring bands from all over the planet!

And here are still the older newsflashes for you to enjoy!

This Gun Club page is divided into the following sections:

Everything included on these pages was compiled from my personal Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce collection. Additional information was taken from various sources, a.o. Hellione's old/original Gun Club page, "Fire Of Love" which I downloaded back in June 1996. After a while I tried to check those pages again, but the URL was gone, and I couldn't find it again. It lasted until June 1998 (so, after I set up this site) I discovered the original pages found a temporary home at another site. Finally, in October 1998 Hellione returned on the web, and hosts a revised edition of her Gun Club site. Check it out!

When Hellione returned, she also set up a Gun Club mailing list. The same thing was done in December 1998 by Mars. The name of his list later changed to "Wildweed", which name has been used when the two lists merged into one in October 1999. If you like to join "Wildweed", just follow the link to subscribe!

More Gun Club and related links can be found below!

Besides Hellione, I would like to thank the following people for helping me to make this page as complete as possible by providing additional information, scans, and/or trading various live tapes!

Sergio Rotman from Argentina - please check out the fanpage of his own band, "Cienfuegos"
Andrea Valentini from Italy - maintainer of the fanzine and recordlabel "Shove", also visit the homepage of his own band "Shot Down"
Andy Sztehlo from England - compiler of the discography as published in "Go Tell The Mountain",
and compiler of the Kid Congo Powers /w The Gun Club discography

David Bremer from Sweden - and here's his own homepage
Jim Duckworth from the US (yes! the guitarist with the Gun Club during the "Death Party" EP period)
Aurelio Pasini from Italy
John Norris from the US
Pete Brady from Australia
Leo Meijer from The Netherlands - be sure to check out "The Royal Stable", his Will Oldham site!
François Rousseau from France
Laurie Mercer from Canada
Andrea Costa from Italy
Ian Rosen from the US
Maurice Maes from The Netherlands - be sure to visit his "Nick Cave Collector's Hell"!
Frank Stubenrauch from Germany
Harold Zijp from The Netherlands - go here for his own homepage
jES from France - maintainer of Port of Souls, another on-line Gun Club discography (in French, with reviews and reproductions of the sleeves)
Henk Vaessen from The Netherlands
Philippe Doro from France
David Williams Andrews from Scotland
Sam Matthews from the US
Enric Solé from Spain
Greg Fasolino from the US
Jürgen Fuchs from Germany
Rick Strachan from the US
Tom Rafferty from Scotland
Walter Daniels from the US
Adam T., leader of the U.S. glam punk band The Beatings
Johan from The Netherlands
Richard Görtz from Germany
Jennifer West from the US
Matthieu L. Kaltenbach from France
Claudio Bisani from Italy
Matthew Hudson from England
Scott Turner from England
Thorsten Pfeiffer from Germany
Benoit Laurin from Canada
Craig Leon and Cassell Web
Jan Pankow from The Netherlands

and anyone I (unfortunately) forgot to mention ...

More additional information is gratefully received!

©Johan Buurke

Another (small) Gun Club page used to be available at BuurMan's site, maintained by Johan Buurke (in Dutch).

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