Preaching The Blues
formerly known as "Goodbye Jeffrey Lee"
dedicated to the memory of Jeffrey Lee Pierce (1958-1996) and his work
The Magnix Archive of The Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce Live Recordings
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by Ger Potze

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"Jeffrey's Blues" - Memorial Edition - Dutch VPRO TV special 1996 - video

A "memorial edition" of the Dutch VPRO TV special, as broadcast on "Lola Looks Back", July 15, 1996.
Includes an interview with Jeffrey Lee Pierce, live shots, and acoustic blues performances.

This is an edited (approx. 4 minutes shorter) replay of the original broadcast from December 3, 1989 (see the 1989 recordings section).

The photosession during which the picture on the left was taken, is part of this documentary. The original documentary ends with this picture shown full screen with the credits printed over it. The "memorial edition" has "Jeffrey Lee Pierce 1958-1996" before the credits are shown.

Personal source: TV broadcast -> VHS PAL video

Running time: approx. 19 mins.
Quality: very good/excellent

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