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Section II

The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Discography

  • Wildweed (album 1985)
    1. Love & Desperation (5.28)
    2. Sex Killer (3.07)
    3. Cleopatra Dreams On (3.29)
    4. From Temptation To You (4.54)
    5. Sensitivity (3.28)
    6. Hey Juana (3.10)
    7. Love Circus (5.24)
    8. Wildweed (2.41)
    9. The Midnight Promise (7.41)
      -bonus tracks (7" promo & CD bonus)-
    10. A. Open The Door Osiris (3.15)
      B. The Fertility Goddess
      C. Portrait Of The Artist In Hell
    11. Chris And Maggie Meet Blind Willy McTell At A James Brown Concert (1.65)

    Bonus tracks released on a promo 7" single, to be given away with initial copies of the LP only - not to be sold separately. These tracks were also included as extra tracks on the "Wildweed" CD-releases.

    All tracks written by Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

    JEFFREY LEE PIERCE: vocals, lead guitar, piano
    ANDY ANDERSON: drums
    MURRAY MITCHELL: saxophone, closing solo on track 5, second guitar on tracks 1, and 6-7
    CRAIG LEON: piano on tracks 4-5
    CASSELL WEBB: backing vocals on tracks 1-2

    Produced by Craig Leon. Assisted by Cassell Webb.

    Recorded at Brittania Row Studios and Jam Studios, London.
    Mixed at Air Studios, London, February/March 1985.

    Released on LP by Statik Records (/w bonus 7" - made in UK), Megadisc Records (/w bonus 7" - made in Holland), and SMS/Wave/Virgin (Japan).
    Released on MC by Statik Records.
    Released on CD by Statik Records. Reissued on CD in Holland by Pennies From Heaven/Solid Records in 1993, in Germany on What's So Funny About... in 1993, and in the US by Pennies From Heaven/Triple X Records in 1994.

    The original 1985 UK Statik CD-release came with all the tracks from the LP, the bonus 7", AND a 43 seconds Chet Atkins style country guitar instrumental thing after track 9. All the CD-reissues do NOT have the instrumental part!
    The original 1985 UK Statik LP-release did also have this instrumental piece, but the running time is only 31 seconds. All other LP-pressings do NOT have this!

    Personal sources: Megadisc LP (tracks 1-9)
                      Megadisc 7" single -> Tape (tracks 10-11)
                      Statik 7" single (tracks 10-11)
                      original Statik CD (tracks 1-11 + 43 secs. instr.)

  • Flamingo (12" mini-album 1985)
    1. Get Away (4.11)
    2. Fire (3.28)
    3. No More Fire (3.33)
    4. Love And Desperation (12" Midnight Mix) (6.48)
    5. Flamingo (part 1) (1.33)
    6. Flamingo (part 2) (4.52)

    All tracks written by Jeffrey Lee Pierce,
    except track 2 by Jimi Hendrix, and track 3 by Jimi Hendrix, arr. by Craig Leon.

    J.L.P. - guitars on tracks 1-4, vocals on tracks 1-6, piano on tracks 5-6
    DEAN DENNIS - bass on tracks 1-2
    HIROMI - lead guitar on tracks 1-3
    NICK SANDERSON - drums on tracks 1-2
    SLAUGHTER JOE - underworld guitar on tracks 2-3
    ANDY ANDERSON - drums on tracks 4-6
    JOHN MACKENZIE - bass on tracks 4-6
    MURRAY MITCHELL - guitar on track 4, saxophone on tracks 5-6
    CRAIG LEON - tape treatments on tracks 5-6
    CASSELL WEBB - guitar on tracks 5-6

    Produced by Craig Leon. Assisted by Cassell Webb.

    Recorded at Brittania Row Studios, Jam Studios and Solid Bond Studios, London.
    Mixed at Air Studios and Solid Bond Studios, London. Mastered by Jack Adams at Tape One.

    Released as 12" mini-album by Statik Records, and Megadisc Records.

    Personal source: 12" mini-album

  • Love & Desperation (single 1985)
    1. Love & Desperation (12" Midnight mix)
    2. Love & Desperation (7" remix)
    3. The Fertility Goddess
    4. Portrait Of The Artist In Hell

    Released on 7" (tracks 2-4) and 12" vinyl (tracks 1-4) by Statik Records.

    Spanish release on Statik/Victoria.

    Click on one of the images to see the lyrics printed on the sleeve more clearer.

    Personal source: 12" single -> Tape
                     12" single

  • Sex Killer (single 1985)

    1. Sex Killer
    2. Cleopatra Dreams On

    Released on 7" vinyl by Statik Records.

    Spanish release as "Asesino Sexual" on Statik/Victoria.

    Personal source: none

  • Love And Desperation (single 1985)
    1. Love And Desperation
    2. Hey Juana

    Released in France on Statik Records as a promotional 10" vinyl single, and as a promotional 7" vinyl single (w/ picture sleeve).

    Personal source: none

  • Ramblin' Jeffrey Lee & Cypress Grove with Willie Love (album 1992)
    1. Goin' Down (4.37) (written by Don Nix)
    2. Pony Blues (2.34) (written by Charlie Patton)
    3. Future Blues (3.12) (written by Willie Brown)
    4. Long Long Gone (3.08) (written by Frankie Lee Sims)
    5. Bad Luck & Trouble (4.07) (written by O. Hicks/ J. West)
    6. Alabama Blues (2.05) (written by Robert Wilkins)
    7. Good Times (2.53) (written by Lightnin Hopkins)
    8. Stranger In My Heart (5.29) (written by Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
    9. Go Tell The Mountain (6.28) (written by Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
    10. Moanin' In The Moonlight (3.53) (written by Chester Burnett)
    11. Hardtime Killin' Floor Blues (3.27) (written by Skip James)

    RAMBLIN' JEFFREY LEE: guitars & vocals
    CYPRESS GROVE: guitars
    WILLIE LOVE: drums
    CARL LA FONG: acoustic bass/bassguitar
    KIMBERLEY S.: bluesharp

    Produced and mixed by Jeffrey Lee Pierce.
    Recorded and mixed at Zeezicht, Spaarnwoude, the Netherlands, January 1992.
    Engineered by Peter Rave.

    Released on LP by What's So Funny About ...
    Released on MC by Solid Records, and New Rose Records.
    Released on CD by Solid Records, New Rose Records, What's So Funny About, and Triple X Records.

    Personal source: Solid CD

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