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June 2004

Andrew Bird / Fingerlings 2

  1. First Song (solo Andrew Bird, recorded 3/27/04 at the Largo, Los Angeles, CA)
  2. Skin Is, My (solo Andrew Bird, recorded 6/12/03 at Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA)
  3. Master Fade (solo Andrew Bird, recorded 6/12/03 at Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA)
  4. Banking On A Myth (Andrew Bird & Nora O'Connor, recorded 11/9/02 at CSPS, Cedar Rapids, IA)
  5. Mx Missiles (solo Andrew Bird, recorded 6/12/03 at Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA)
  6. Spanish For Monsters (Andrew Bird & Nora O'Connor, recorded 11/9/02 at CSPS, Cedar Rapids, IA)
  7. Sovay (Andrew Bird & My Morning Jacket, recorded 5/16/04 at The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO)
  8. Way Out West (Andrew Bird, Kevin O'Donnell, Andy Hopkins, Jimmy Sutton, recorded 10/2/01 at The Towers, Narragansett, RI)
  9. Depression Pasillo (Andrew Bird, Colin Bunn, Kevin O'Donnell, Ryan Hembrey, recorded 12/31/02 at Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL)
  10. Happy Day (solo Andrew Bird, recorded 6/12/03 at Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA)

"Fingerlings 2 is Bird's second in an ongoing series of live albums. This particular collection contains some solo works in progress from Andrew’s latest album, The Mysterious Production of Eggs, as well as some great collaborations, including 2 tracks as a duo with Nora O’Connor, one with My Morning Jacket backing him up, and 2 full on band rockers with the Bowl of Fire."

Fargo Records (France)
November 30, 2004

Andrew Bird / Sovay

  1. Sovay
  2. First Song (live)
  3. Why? (live)
  4. Action/Adventure (live)
  5. Sovay (live with My Morning Jacket)

The live track with My Morning Jacket has been recorded on May 16, 2004 at the Fox Theater, Boulder, CO.
This is the same track as on the "Fingerlings 2" CD above.

Saddle Creek (US)
January 25, 2005

Bright Eyes / I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

  1. At The Bottom Of Everything (feat. Jim James)
  2. We Are Nowhere And It's Now (feat. Emmylou Harris)
  3. Old Soul Song (For The New World Order) (feat .Emmylou Harris)
  4. Lua
  5. Train Under Water
  6. First Day of My Life
  7. Another Travelin' Song
  8. Landlocked Blues (feat. Emmylou Harris)
  9. Poison Oak
  10. Road To Joy

Matador Europe
February 21, 2005

Merge Records (US)
February 22, 2005

M. Ward / Transistor Radio

  1. You Still Believe In Me
  2. One Life Away
  3. Sweethearts On Parade
  4. Hi-Fi
  5. Fuel For Fire
  6. Four Hours in Washington
  7. Regeneration No. 1
  8. Big Boat
  9. Paul's Song
  10. Radio Campaign
  11. Here Comes The Sun Again
  12. Deep Dark Well
  13. Oh Take Me Back
  14. I'll Be Yr Bird
  15. Lullaby & Exile
  16. Well-Tempered Clavier

Jim James sings and plays guitar on "One Life Away" and "Fuel for Fire".

Zoe Records
March 1, 2005

Kathleen Edwards / Back To Me

  1. In State
  2. Back To Me
  3. Pink Emerson Radio
  4. Independent Thief
  5. Old Time Sake
  6. Summerlong
  7. What Are You Waiting For?
  8. Away
  9. Somewhere Else
  10. Copied Keys
  11. Good Things

Jim James sings on "Independent Thief"

free CD with #142, the
September 2005 issue
of Mojo magazine (UK)
no cat.#
August 2005

Various Artists / Dylan Covered

Including the exclusive cover version of "Girl From The North Country" as performed live by M. Ward, Conor Oberst & Jim James during their February & October 2004 tours.

Also with tracks from Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity, The Hollies, Nancy Sinatra, Hugh Cornwell, The Stands, Ben Weaver, Roger McGuinn, Michael Weston King, The Flying Burrito Bros, Chris Whitley, Andrew Bird and Nora O'Connor, Fairport Convention, The Long Ryders and John Martyn.

Darla Records
DRL 170
May 16, 2006

Follow The Train / A Breath Of Sigh

"Darla Records is proud to offer the debut of yet another fab Louisville group sure to make you realize the bar has been raised yet again. The drive to make lasting pop music can be a walk of faith. Those successful create transcendence and memories that last a lifetime for the listener. Louisville's Follow The Train are absolutely one of those unique bands. Songwriter Dennis Sheridan and friends Andy Hurt, Bill Green, and Angela Green give birth to a pop sound with pure Kentucky soul. The drums are delivered with solid precision, the bass is driving and powerful, and the keys provide comfortable atmosphere that swim through thick, sparkling guitar as vocals rise and fall with the tide of sound. A Breath of Sigh features guest appearances from Meredith Noel (Les Debutantes), Jim James (My Morning Jacket), and Kevin Ratterman (ex-Elliott). Kevin Ratterman produced, engineered, and recorded the album at his studio, The Funeral Home (a real, functioning funeral home) in Louisville, KY." (from the Darla website, January 25, 2006)

  1. Endless Summer
  2. Flower
  3. I’m Not Sorry (w/ Jim James)
  4. Thin In the Skin
  5. Up In Flames (w/ Meredith Noel)
  6. Kentucky
  7. The Original Disconnect
  8. Afraid
  9. An Awkward Lullaby
  10. Remember

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