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EP (mini-CD)
Darla Records/PIAS (B)
449.2090.21 (digi-pak)
May 2000

"Heartbreakin Man"

  1. Heartbreakin Man
  2. Old Sept Blues (ga-ed out version)
  3. They Ran (acoustic)
  4. Evelyn Is Not Real (be-mixed)
  5. R.I.P.V.G.
  6. Tonite I Want To Celebrate With You

Track 1 taken from the album "The Tennessee Fire"
Track 2 taken from Lola Da Musica
Track 3 taken from Radio 3 'Zondagskint'
Tracks 4-6 originally on bonus seven inch from "The Tennessee Fire".

Please note: the mix of "Evelyn Is Not Real" is the same as on the bonus 7" vinyl single.

7" vinyl single
Bad Jazz Records (UK)
July 17, 2000

"My Morning Jacket Does Bad Jazz"

  1. Isobella With The White Umbrella
  2. What Will I Do?
  3. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover, written by Grace Slick, and first recorded with The Great Society)

    LAYOUT and KEYS by Danny C. CA$H.
    MMJ does BAD JAZZ. C-YA!!!

EP (mini-CD)
Darla Records (US)
DRL 108
October 2000

"We wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

  1. Xmas Curtain
  2. I Just Wanted To Say
  3. Xmas Time Is Here Again
  4. New Morning (Nick Cave cover)
  5. Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Elvis Presley cover, written by Leiber & Stoller)
  6. unlisted instrumental track

My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Fiasco Style!

Different European version released December 4th, see below!

EP (mini-CD)
Darla Records/PIAS (B)
December 2000

Animation taken from Darla Records
"We wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

  1. Xmas Curtain
  2. Xmas Time Is Here Again
  3. New Morning (Nick Cave cover)
  4. I'll Be There When You Die (2 Meter session)
  5. hidden and unlisted instrumental track (same as US version)

My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Fiasco Style!

Different US version released in October, see above!

7" vinyl single
Gold Hole Records (UK)
January 29, 2001

"My Morning Jacket Does Gold Hole"

  1. Heartbreakin Man
  2. Somebody Cares About The Maestro
  3. Rocket Man (Elton John cover)

Limited edition of 500 copies only.
The catalog number is not listed on the actual release.

Track 1 taken from the album "The Tennessee Fire" (May 1999)
Track 2 according to Jim an unreleased 'weird lil song'
Track 3 taken from the Darla sampler "Little Darla Has A Treat For You v.12" (Summer 1999)

please enjoy. goodbye! goodbye! goodbye!!!!!

Jade Tree Records (US)
April 2, 2002

Jade Tree Records split EP with Songs:Ohia (no collaboration on any tracks)

    My Morning Jacket
  1. O Is The One That Is Real
  2. How Do You Know
  3. Come Closer
  4. The Year In Review


  5. Translation

"The Year In Review" is simply a very very fast forward version of the three previous tracks.

The Songs:Ohia track is from the Songs:Ohia/Will Oldham/Appendix Out sessions, all three perform on the song.

Available for pre-order at the Jade Tree Records website since late January 2002. Shipping since mid-March 2002. Available in stores from April 2, 2002. Promo copies have been distributed since February 2002 (link shows a blurry picture taken from an eBay auction).

"The third release of Jade Tree's split series pairs for the first time two exemplary storytellers: Louisville, Kentucky's My Morning Jacket and Chicago's Songs: Ohia.

My Morning Jacket's releases for the Darla label have showcased a level of songcraft that is destined to be revered in years to come. Their brand of country-rock tent-revival styled jams are so earnestly played that they make a lasting impression-one that sears the songs deep into the soul of the listener.

As Songs: Ohia, Jason Molina has made a career of producing majestic compositions of an epic nature for the Secretly Canadian label. His contribution to this split however, approaches an even grander scale than Molina has ever attempted previously. A 10-minute, two-part song featuring notable, but unnamable, Drag City records guests, a dark lord doo-wop coda, and Molina's trademark vocals, this is perhaps Molina's most daring and impressive song to date.

As always, both contributions are new and exclusive to this release."
(source: Jade Tree Records, January 25, 2002 / Darla Records, March 19, 2002).

Shingle Street (UK)
April 8, 2002

Badman Recording Co. (US)
BRCD-980 (digi-pak)
May 13, 2002

"Chocolate And Ice EP"

  1. Can You See The Hard Helmet On My Head?
  2. Sooner
  3. Cobra
  4. It's Been A Great 3 Or 4 Years (answering machine message from Johnny)
  5. Holy
  6. Sweetheart (new version)

"James has added a new urban sound on a couple of tracks in which he replaces the live drums with beatbox & samples. Clearly Jim James treasures past masters such as Neil Young, Led Zeppelin and Roy Orbison and has little time for his contemporaries, although the likes of Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips are not too distant from his own sound" (source: Darla Records, February 11, 2002).

"My Morning Jacket, the Louisville, KY outfit that continue to defy categorization, return with a new E.P. entitled "Chocolate and Ice." Equal parts Southern Blues, Americana and dreamy psychaedelica, My Morning Jacket's appeal stems from, among other things, the hauntingly raw vocals of lead singer and guitarist, Jim James. While seeming to simultaneously channel the spirits of both Neil Young and Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, Jim James leads his musical cohorts along a journey of reverb-drenched melodies, velvet melancholy lyrics, and instrumentation that combines old country swagger with classic pop sentimentality. Live, My Morning Jacket turn the proverbial amp up to 11 and rock so hard that "shards of glass from broken beer bottles thrown against the chickenwire amidst a bar-room brawl only add to the rhythmic mayhem (from a fan website)." Clocking in at over 35 minutes, the new EP is still longer than the latest Weezer album." (source: Badman Recording Co., February 23-March 11, 2002).

US-release available for pre-order through the Badman Recording Co. website since early March 2002. Shipping since mid-March 2002. Available in stores from May 13, 2002.

compilation CD EP
Wichita Recordings (UK)
November 25, 2002

"Sweatbees EP"

  1. Lowdown
  2. The Way That He Sings
  3. O Is The One That Is Real
  4. Come Closer
  5. Sooner

Compilation of previously released tracks.

Debut for Wichita, also issued as a promo version (WEBB038SCDP) - in plastic wallet with tracklist sticker on the front, tour date details, and quotes from NME & Mojo.

7" vinyl single
Wichita Recordings (UK)
February 13, 2003

"Just Because I Do" / "The Bear"

  1. Just Because I Do
  2. The Bear

Limited edition double AA sided 7" vinyl single of 850 copies only.

Track 1 taken from the album "At Dawn" (2001)
Track 2 taken from the album "The Tennessee Fire" (1999)

Release to promote the UK-issues of the "The Tennessee Fire" & "At Dawn" albums on Wichita!

Also issued as a promotional 2-track CD-R.

compilation CD
Spunk! (Australia)
May 19, 2003


  1. Lowdown
  2. The Way That He Sings
  3. O Is The One That Is Real
  4. Come Closer
  5. Sooner
  6. Sweetheart ("Chocolate And Ice EP" version)
  7. Can You See The Hard Helmet On My Head
  8. Death Is The Easy Way ("At Dawn" version)
  9. How Do You Know

Special extended Australian only 'best of' compilation of previously released tracks!

one-sided 7" vinyl promo single
Wichita Recordings (UK)
September 2003

"Mahgeetah" (promo only single)

  1. Mahgeetah

Limited edition one-sided promo 7" vinyl single of 1,000 numbered copies only.
Using the details on the back of the sleeve gives the opportunity to register the copy.

Track 1 taken from the album "It Still Moves" (2003)

Release to promote the "It Still Moves" album.

BMG also issued a UK 4-track promo sampler CD w/ a simple white sleeve with black lettering.

  1. Mahgeeta (5:56)
  2. Run Thru (5:45)
  3. Dancefloors (5:38)
  4. One Big Holiday (5:21)

Here's a picture which has been taken from an eBay auction ...

promo DVD
RDJ 57913-9

untitled "It Still Moves" promotional DVD

DVD to promote the "It Still Moves" album. Running time approx. 11 minutes.

"This short film is an intimate portrait of My Morning Jacket, one of America's newest and most acclaimed rock n' roll bands. Since 1999, My Morning Jacket have built a solid following based on their engaging songcraft, restless experimentation and mind-blowing concerts on what has been and endless tour of the world. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, the band has taken a 'major' leap only in that IT STILL MOVES serves as the first album in My Morning Jacket's three-album, multi-EP catalogue to finally couple the soul of Jim James' songwriting with the craft and energy of their live shows. This film shows the passion, creativity and humility that fuels My Morning Jacket in their recording studio and on the concert stage."

The film is devided in four parts. Each part has one song from the album: "Golden", "Steam Engine", "One Big Holiday", and "Phone Went West". The last track has been filmed live (incomplete) at the Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA, May 2, 2003, and is the same as on the various artists sampler "ATO Records 54" (see the exclusive tracks on various artists compilations section of this My Morning Jacket discography).

Not for sale.

7" vinyl single (ltd. ed. of
1,000 numbered copies)
November 21, 2003

numbered edition
November 21, 2003

"Run Thru"

  1. Run Thru
  2. Breathin' (4 track recording)
  3. Old September Blues (Virgin Radio, Captain America live & acoustic)

Track 2 is a previously unreleased Jim James demo.
Track 3 recorded in session for Virgin Radio, London, England, November 2002.

Issued as a 1-track promo CD (MMJ003) late October 2003 (see picture on the right, and click on it for another picture taken from an eBay auction).

promotional CD-single
RCA/BMG Australia
no cat.no.
© 2003


Issued as a 1-track promo CD with a 4:29 radio edit version (the album version is 5:56).

promotional CD-R single
no cat.no.
February 2004

promotional CD-single
rdj 59357-2
February 2004

"One Big Holiday"

Issued as a 1-track promo CD-R with a 4:00 radio edit version.

Also issued as a 2-track promo CD (front sleeve same as 1-track issue) with a 4:03 short version (same as the radio edit, the difference is only silence at the start and end of the track) and a 5:24 long version (which is the album version).

Scheduled as new single (late February, early March), but so far unreleased.

promotional CD-single
rdj 59356-2
February 2004


Issued as a 1-track promo CD with a 4:23 radio edit version (the album version is 4:39).

promotional CD EP
RCA/BMG (Australia)
March 2004

promotional CD-R EP
ATO/RCA (Australia)
no cat.no.
© 2004

"Tour Sampler"

  1. Golden (radio edit) 4:23
  2. One Big Holiday (radio edit) 4:35
  3. Easy Morning Rebel (album version) 5:09

Australian only tour sampler, with tour dates on the back.

Also issued as a promotional CD-R EP, with a different (photo printed) inlay
(see picture on the right).

82876 60790-2
May 4, 2004

12" vinyl EP
Badman Recording Co. (US)
June 2004

BMG Japan
March 23, 2005

"Acoustic Citsuoca"

  1. The Bear
  2. Sooner
  3. Bermuda Highway
  4. Golden
  5. Hopefully
  6. By My Car (vinyl release only)

"Live! at the Startime Pavilion ~October 31st~"

A recording of a mythical Halloween concert at the Startime Pavilion, Braintree, MA, October 31, 2003.
This is a 'fantasy' gig that never actually happened, it's all live material pulled from gigs in Athens, Austin, and Dallas in late 2003.

A red vinyl release is available through Badman Recording Co. since mid June, containing "By My Car" as an extra track!!!

7" vinyl single (ltd. ed.)
82876 73763 7
October 10, 2005

82876 72997 2
October 10, 2005

"Off The Record"

    7" single
  1. Off The Record (album version)
  2. How Could I Know

  1. Off The Record (single version)
  2. How Could I Know
  3. Chills
  4. Off The Record (album version)

A promotional CD (ATO/RCA 82876 73424-2) with the 3:24 single and 5:33 album versions has been issued somewhere around mid-September 2005.
The same versions are to be found on an UK acetate CD-R (Sony BMG), which comes in a company info sleeve with info stickered case.

In the US initial copies of the "Z" CD came with a free copy of the 7" single release.

promotional 1-track CD-single
82876 73992-2
October? 2005

promotional 2-track CD-single
88697 03231-2
September? 2006


Issued as a 1-track promo CD with the 3:39 album version.
This disc is also supposed to have the track in MP3 format (listed on the sleeve and disc), but that's not true.

Issued as a 2-track promo CD with the "Z" album version plus the "Okonokos" live version.

promotional CD-single
Vinyl Records



  1. Freebird
  2. Same In Any Language

Recorded in 2004 @ Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, TN.

Ruckus is My Morning Jacket's cinematic alter ego in the movie "Elizabethtown".
Members of My Morning Jacket appear in this movie as the band Ruckus,
which performs the Lynyrd Syknyrd favorite "Freebird" with disastrous results during one scene
(see also the various artists compilations with exclusive tracks).

More details unknown. Thanks to Roger Linney for the scan and the information about this very rare release.

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