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This is a list of various artists compilations including Charlatans tracks somehow known to me.
Any additions, and corrections, are very welcome!

Please note:
Tracks/versions in red are unavailable elsewhere!

  • Indian Rope (1990)
    Indie Top 20 Volume 9
    (LP?/MC/CD Beechwood Music TT009)

no image available

  • The Only One I Know (1990)
    Indie Top 20 Volume 10 - 20 Indie Chart Hits
    (2LP/MC/CD Beechwood Music TT010)

  • The Only One I Know (1990)
    Indie 90
    (Israelian CD NMC HAIR-1-2)

  • The Only One I Know (1990)
    Rave New World
    (German CD Metronome 846 468-2)

  • Indian Rope (1991)
    The Best Of Indie Top 20
    (2LP/MC/CD Beechwood Music BOTT001)

  • Then (1991)
    Indie Top Volume 11 - 17 Indie Chart Hits
    (2LP/MC?/CD Beechwood Music TT011)

  • The Only One I Know (1991)
    A Historical Debt
    (LP/MC/CD Beechwood Music HIST 1)

  • Sproston Green, and You're Not Very Well (1991)
    Money Is Not The Answer
    (US promo CD BMG Records 2766 2 HDJ)

  • Opportunity (7:21), and Then (alternate version) (5:45) (1991)
    Money Is Not The Answer
    (US CD BMG Records 53152)

  • Happen To Die (1991)
    SPV New Releases Autumn 1991
    (German promo CD SPV)

  • Polar Bear (session) (October 1991)
    New Season: The Peel Sessions
    (LP/CD Strange Fruit SFR 205)
    Recorded during a Radio 1 session on 20.03.90

  • Happen To Die (1991)
    The Collection
    (German 2CD Beggars Banquet/SPV)

  • The Only One I Know (199?)
    18 Grooves From... The Wild Side Volume 1
    (CD Arcade)

  • ? (1991/1992?)
    Indie Top Volume 12 - 17 Indie Chart Hits
    (CD Beechwood Music TT012?)

  • (No One) Not Even The Rain (session) (March 1992)
    The Best Of The Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions
    Volume 1 - Exclusive & Unreleased Recordings
    (CD, foldout sleeve, Nighttracks MARK 1)
    Recorded during a Radio 1 session on 15.10.91

  • The End Of Everything (April 1992)
    The Sound Of Music Part 1
    (Dutch CD CCCP 059.0001.29)
    Various artists compilation to promote Dutch distribution labels
    (for The Charlatans: Play It Again Sam)

  • Over Rising (instrumental) (May 1992)
    Volume Three
    (book & CD Volume World's End V3CD)

  • Weirdo (1992)
    Reading - The Indie Album
    (LP/MC/CD Polygram TV 515 648-1/4/2)

  • Can't Even Be Bothered (1992)
    The Best Mix Tape Ever
    (American promo CD BMG Music RDJ 66092-2)
    Compilation promo CD, including a.o. Cranes, Spiritualized, Buffalo Tom

no image available

  • I Don't Want To See The Sights (199?)
    Stolar Tracks Vol. 1

  • Weirdo (1993)
    (CD Dino Entertainment DINCD 38)

  • Subterranean (live) (1993)
    Deafening Divinities With Aural Affinities: The Beggars Banquet Collection
    Compilation CD, featuring an at the time previously unreleased live track
    Recorded live at the Blackpool Daytripper, March 13, 1993
    Also available on the Beggars Banquet promo picture CD CHAR 7,
    exclusivly available with 109, the official Charlatans Information Service

  • Then (1993)
    Madchester - The Manchester Story '88-'91
    (CD MADCD 1)

  • Can't Get Out Of Bed (May 10, 1994)
    CMJ New Music Volume 54
    (CD Certain Damage in plastic sleeve with liner notes)

no image available

  • The Only One I Know & Can't Get Out Of Bed (demo) (1994)
    The Singles Collection - Including Rare B-Sides
    (2CD Beggars Banquet)

  • Feel Flows (1994)
    Flood 13 And Other Disasters
    (promo CD Polygram)

no image available

  • Can't Get Out Of Bed (199?)
    My PoMo Valentine
    (magazine promo CD)

  • Weirdo (1995?)
    Shine - 20 Brilliant Indie Hits

  • Crashin' In (1995?)
    Everlasting Love
    (CD Everlasting Records EVERPR005)

  • Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over (1995)
    Shine 3 - 20 New Dazzling Indie Hits
    (CD PolyGram TV 525 965 2)

  • The Only One I Know (1995)
    The Best...Album In The World...Ever!
    (2CD Virgin VTDCD58 / 7243 8 40775 2 5)

  • The Only One I Know (1995)
    Beat(en) Generation
    (Canadian CD)

no image available

  • Time For Livin' with The Chemical Brothers (September 9, 1995)
    Help - War Child
    (CD Go! Discs) recorded on 04.09.95
    proceeds of this album will be donated to the aid programme for children in Bosnia

  • Soul Saver (live) (October 1995)
    Unheard Pleasures
    (MC Select), given away free with the October 1995 issue of Select,
    recorded live at the Astoria, London

  • Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over (1995)
    Wake Up And Listen
    (CD Vision Music Entertainment Limited VISCD 18)
    Featuring various 'Britpop' artists

  • Just Lookin' (1995)
    CK Calvin Klein Jeans
    (US promo CD Calvin Klein/Atlantic)
    'The Rock Your Pants Off Collection'
    ''The newest releases from the best alternative bands and CK Calvin Klein Jeans'

  • Just Lookin' (3:48) (1995)
    Spew U
    (US promo CD Atlantic PRCD 6360-2)
    'Atlantic's CMJ Survival Kit'

  • Crashin' In (September 1995)
    Labels No. 2
    (French promo CD Labels)

  • The Only One I Know (1996)
    Untitled 2
    (2CD Global RADCD39)

  • The Only One I Know (1996)
    Britpop Vol. 1
    (German 2CD Columbia/Sony 483876 2)

  • Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over (1996)
    NME Singles Of The Week 1995
    (CD Indolent NME1995CD)

  • Nine Acre Dust (mixed by The Chemical Brothers) (1996)
    Live At The Social Volume 1
    (CD Heavenly Recordings HVNLP13CD)

no image available

  • Nine Acre Dust (remix by The Chemical Brothers) (1996)
    Select at the Heavenly Social
    (MC Select), given away free with the July 1996 issue of Select, mixed by Jon Carter

  • Just Lookin' (live) (September/October 1996)
    ...Later Volume One: Brit Beat
    (CD Island/BBC)
    Featuring various artists recorded for BBC TV's "Later With Jools Holland"
    The Charlatans were recorded on August 10, 1996

  • One To Another (1996)
    Mad For It - 38 prime cuts
    (2CD Telstar Tcd2868)

  • One To Another (1996)
    TOTP - The Cutting Edge
    (2CD Columbia SONY TV19 CD. 31-485359-10)

no image available

  • One To Another (1996)
    TrueBrit - 40 Essential Indie Hits
    (2CD Polygram)

  • The Only One I Know (1996)
    Spirit Of The Edge Volume 2
    (CD Mercury/Polygram 314 535 487-2)
    Compilation for the Canadian radio station CFNY 102.1

  • Weirdo (1996)
    The Best...Album In The World...Ever!
    (2CD Virgin VTDCD84 / 7243 8 41664 2 7)

  • The Only One I Know (1996)
    Pure Hits

  • One To Another (1996?)
    Shine 6

  • One To Another (1996/1997)
    The Greatest Hits Of 96 - The Story Of The Year - 40 Great Hits

  • One To Another (4:28) (1997)
    Zoo CD 09, free with Danish rock magazine Zoo
    (Danish CD ZOOCD 09)

  • Chemical Risk (Toothache remix by The Chemical Brothers) (1997)
    Chemical Beats Vol. 1
    (CD Urban Essentials)

no image available

  • Toothache (Chemical Brothers remix) (1997)
    The Jackal
    (soundtrack CD MCA)

  • Nine Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers mix) (1997)
    The Future Sound Of The United Kingdom
    (2CD Ministry Of Sound OPENCD7)

no image available

  • North Country Boy (1997)
    The Lakes - Music from & inspired by the BBC TV series
    (CD BBC Music/Telestartv TTVCD2923)

  • Don't Need A Gun (1997)
    Western Kaleidoscope
    (Canadian CD Universal Music UMD 97132)
    Promo compilation, given out to students during Frosh week (university orientation),
    Western University, London, Ontario, Canada, and made for CHRW 94.7 FM

    Total Guitar magazine #31 from June 1997 features The Charlatans,
    and also has some The Charlatans guitar riffs on the included CD.

    Picture taken from an eBay auction ...

  • How High (1997?)
    Innovation - 38 Alternative Club Hits
    (German CD)

no image available

  • Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over (1997?)
    Block Bustin' Beats - 40 Track Full On Big Beat Mix

  • How High (1997/1998)
    Pure Hits 97

  • 9 Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers mix) (1998)
    Block Rockin' Beats - New Directions In Dance
    (Dutch TV-CD Arcade 0110495)

no image available

  • Toothache (Chemical Brothers remix) (1998)
    X-Games Vol. 3 - Music From The X-Games
    (CD Mammoth 354 980 184 2)

  • Nine Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers remix) (April 7, 1998)
    Big Beat Conspiracy - BBC 1
    (CD EMD/ARK 21)

  • The Only One I Know (mid 1998)
    all the best music from the best bands of ... Summer Festivals '98
    CD that came with an issue of Q magazine

  • North Country Boy (1998)
    24 07 (Twenty Four Seven) - The Original Soundtrack
    (CD Independiente ISOM 6CD)

  • One To Another (1998)
    The Best (Indie) Anthems ...Ever!

no image available

  • Patrol (Chemical Brothers mix) (May 4, 1999)
    Electronica Fuel
    (3CD Alpha Wave)

  • I Donít Care Where You Live (2:58) (1999)
    Zoo CD 22, free with Danish rock magazine Zoo
    (Danish CD ZOOCD 22)

  • My Beautiful Friend (3:45) (1999)
    Hearmuffs - Hot Sounds For A Cool Winter - Complimentary Music Sampler
    (US promo CD Universal)

  • Then (?)
    The Hit Pack

no image available

  • The Only One I Know (?)
    The Best British Album In The World....Ever!
    (Australian or New Zealand 2CD)

  • Weirdo (?)
    Unstoppable 90's

no image available

  • The Only One I Know (?)
    The Best Of Shine
    (2CD ? 555 863-2)

  • Nine Acre Dust (?)
    Plugged In - Electronica

  • ? (?)
    Rocket Fuel - Birth Of Break Beatz

  • ? (?)
    Plato Fuerte
    (Spanish? 2CD Everlasting Records)

  • One To Another (?)
    NME Relaunch Virgin Megastores
    (CD NME)

  • The Only One I Know (?)

  • ? (?)
    This Ain't No Sippin' Tea
    (US promo CD Beggars Banquet)

  • Forever (?)
    Reloaded - some of the latest sounds from ...

  • Impossible (2000?)
    Reloaded 2 - massive hits from ...

  • ? (January 2000)
    CMJ New Music ?
    (free sampler CD with CMJ magazine)

no image available

  • My Beautiful Friend (2001)
    Glorious - 36 Essential Modern Anthems
    (2CD Sony TV STVCD112)

  • Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over (2001)
    Festival Internacional de Benicassim Volume 1
    (Spanish promo CD Heineken/FIB SM-007)
    Released in a digipak cover with booklet, which tells the story of the bands that played the festival

no image available

  • Love Is The Key (live from Nomis Studios, London, 14th August 2001) (2001)
    Rarities Volume 1
    (American promo CD Club Bang!/First Floor Radio Promotions CDPRO-1001)
    Promotional CD handed out at Club Bang, Hollywood, CA.
    Limited edition of 5,000 copies.
    Features several tracks/versions that are otherwise unavailable.

  • Shotgun (October 2001)
    NME Exclusives!
    (CD NME EX 6-10-01)
    Free with the October 6, 2001 issue of New Musical Express

  • ? (December 2001)
    The Universal Christmas Sampler CD
    (CD promo Universal XMAS2001)

  • Judas (2001?)
    Island Records
    (promo CD Island)

  • You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty (2001/2002)
    Island Sampler #01:02
    (promo CD Island)

  • Love Is The Key (2:56) (2001/2002)
    Q Best Of 2001
    CD that came with an issue of Q magazine

  • A Man Needs To Be Told (2002)
    Simply Acoustic
    (2CD Universal)

  • Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (May 2002)
    Hard Rain Vol Two - A Tribute To Bob Dylan
    (CD UNCUT 2002 06)
    Free with Take 61, the June 2002 issue of the UNCUT magazine
    Recorded exclusively for UNCUT

  • Two Of Us (4:06) (June 2002)
    Neat Neat Neat
    (CD UNCUT 2002 07)
    Free with Take 62, the July 2002 issue of the UNCUT magazine

  • You're So Pretty We're So Pretty (live in Manchester) (August 2002)
    4 Scott
    (CD V2 Records)
    A tribute album to the late Scott Piering, the bands former radio plugger who tragically died of cancer two years ago.
    A minimum of £2.30 from each copy of the album sold will be donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care.
    The Charlatans track has been recorded at the MEN Arena last year.

    The album also features live tracks from Pulp, Stereophonics, Richard Ashcroft, Badly Drawn Boy, Placebo, Teenage Fanclub, Embrace, Luke Haines, McAlmont & Butler, Gomez, The Orb and KLF.

  • North Country Boy (2002?)
    Border Cafe - Music From The TV Series
    (CD BBC Music WMSF 6025-2)

  • My Beautiful Friend (2002?)
    Jamie Oliver's Cookin' - Music To Cook By
    (CD ? XCD500638)

  • We Got To Have Peace (April 2003)
    Curtis Mayfield cover
    All profits from this album will be donated to the War Child charity for their specific work in Iraq.
    For further information on War Child visit

    The Charlatans also appear on a couple of DJ remix releases, like:

  • "HOTMIX Resurrection Mix", an one hour CD of 80's dance extended tracks! (broadcast only CD, week of June 5, 1999)
  • "Music Factory Mastermix" issue 176 (2 CD's w/ 10 megamixes), March 2001
  • ... more to come?


  • ? (1989)
    Happy Daze
    (VHS video)

  • The Only One I Know (1991)
    The Best Of Indie Top Video
    (VHS video Virgin/Beechwood)

  • The Only One I Know (1992)
    The Video Collection
    (VHS video Beggars Banquet SPV 076-48537)

  • Can't Get Out Of Bed (July 1994)
    Rock Video Monthly
    (VHS video MTV)

  • Love Is The Key (May 2002)
    Cigarettes And Alcohol - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
    (DVD video Sony Music 2016479)

no image available

  • Forever (June 2003)
    We Could Be Kings
    (DVD video Uncut Masters CUT1010)

    There's also a concert VHS video titled "Angry Blue Planet" (out of print).
    It contains concert footage from "The Earth Day Celebration" in Dallas, Texas on April 19, 1992, and includes performances by Pearl Jam, Dramarama, The Charlatans, The Origin, and Psychefunkapus. This video was sold as a benefit, with the proceeds going to "Clean Dallas Inc" (more details unknown).

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