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As noted before, due to personal (happy) circumstances this site has only been slightly updated throughout the past year.
I hoped to add more the upcoming months, but time provides otherwise. Therefore I have decided to close the site until further
notice. It will not disappear (I pay for this webspace), but the information here is frozen as it is as I write this notification.

Somewhere in the (distant?) future I hope to continue maintaining it as I used to do, and who knows I might even get up-to-date with it all again!?

As long as this website is being closed I also deleted the links to my email.
If you still want to leave a note or just say hi, I have opened a guestbook ...

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This discography is divided into the following five sections:

  1. The first section is a list of all worldwide Charlatans releases in chronological order.
    It includes many pictures of their sleeves, so please be a little patient.
  2. The second section is a list of compilation appearances.
  3. The third one is a list of bootleg releases known to me.
  4. Originally I had included information on promotional releases in the first section, but since I do have only a few promo's myself, and all sorts of promo's seem to be put out worldwide, I decided to create a separate promo page. Where I will try to compile all information I can find on promo's, although it is quite confusing, because I have seen many different information on probably the same items! If there's anyone out there who can provide specified information on any promo, please contact me!
  5. To give the Charlatans a sort of historical perspective, a separate section with information about pre-Charlatans (related) releases has been added. This part also includes information about how they became The Charlatans, so check it out to see where it all started from ...

All releases are UK-releases, except otherwise noted.
US-releases are as The Charlatans UK to prevent getting mixed up with the US sixties band The Charlatans.

The Charlatans 1999

This discography is originally based on a page once made by Hans Gylling from Sweden, who didn't update it since September 1995, and on the discography as published in No. 193 (September 1995) of the Record Collector magazine.

Since then additional information was taken from various sources, a.o. some WWW-sites. One specific site I used to check out very often was Eirik Gudmundsen's The Charlatans' BackRoomWindow, and especially his news page for the latest stories and info on the band. I also used his discography page, as well as the discographies made by Sally at "" (not available anymore), the one at Beggars Banquet, and the Scandinavian Indie Charlatans discography made by Erik Söderström.

Another source for additional information (especially on US promos), was the absolutely cool site Particles! - The Charlatans UK Page, maintained by Brian Green. It included loads of sounds, images, lyrics, and was the home of the Charlatans UK webring!
I would like to thank Brian especially for letting me use some of his scans. Thanks mate!

A good information base on the CHAR promos (see my promo page) and the Charlatans postcards (see my discography) was Sarah's "Here comes a Soul Saver on your record player" Charlatans site. Unfortunately it's gone since early 2002.

Also visit The Charlatans official website at !

Besides the people above and their websites, I would like to thank the following people for
helping me by providing additional information, scans, or anything else related to this site!

Peter de Jonge for providing the original "Sproston Green" single to scan and add the right information;
Chris Parkhill for additional information on some Japanese releases;
Jason for the tracklisting of the Japanese "Other Stories" CD, some promo information, as well as information on the US "Us And Us Only" CD-release;
Daniel Douros for information and the scan of the US "Sproston Green" promo, and information on the Weirdo Mindwarp mixes promo 12";
John Abbott for information on the "Blackburn", and "Europe 1991" bootlegs;
Scott Davis for all information (and more!) on the Rainy Tulip Production CD-R's (see the bootleg section);
Ken Alley for information on and scans of the "Europe 1991", and "Re-Tellin' Story" bootlegs;
Olafur Thorarensen for information on the "Glasgow Nights" bootleg;
Darren McDonald for information on the "Northern Soul Saver" bootleg;
Wim de Lange for providing some original CD's to scan for the compilations page;
Chihiro Nakajima for information on various Japanese releases, promo releases, as well as some scans;
Janine Kamphuis for information on some compilations featuring The Charlatans;
Adam for additional information on "The Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers" 2000 rerelease;
David Stachowiak for additional information on the same rerelease as well;
Cathryn Ellis for pointing me to more information on Mark Collins' previous bands The Waltones and Candlestick Park;
Mikko Kapanen for sending the URL with info about the 2000 rerelease of the Makin' Time live album "Time Trouble And Money" on Detour Records;
Anne Horton for some addtional release-information;
John Montiel for a highly professional copy of the "Some Fiendly" video;
Thierry Steuve for quite some additional release-info;
Ajay Sawhney for some rare promo information;
Karyn Koe for additional compilations info;
Bazza for additional pre-Charlatans information (especially Makin' Time);
Steve Foley for some additional rare promo information;
Chris Lees for additional release info on the "Between 10th And 11th" studio cut!

And anyone I unfortunately forgot to mention, but please don't forget, it's always appreciated!

Of course my own collection was a major inspiration for these pages!

The Charlatans Webring
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Any additional information will be gratefully received!

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